moving Pd patchs to Max/MSP and back

Fri Dec 4 04:23:31 CET 1998

>Is there any work currently being done to make Pd patchs be compatable

why would you want to do such thing?

>with Max/MSP?  And on a minor note is David Z thinking about adding some
>of the funcionality of GEM to MSP?

GEM and MSP seem to be 2 different things ...

Considering that David Z. hasn't done anything about graphics
in Max since the 80's (check out LCD object which is simply
a _very_ primitive way of accessing some very basic commands
in the Macintosh Toolbox) I wouldn't count on much...
...especially if he's busy porting MAX/MSP to WindozeNT and BeOS
(in the near future apparently...)

I would like to see some Mac/Linux geek to fix the MkLinux
behaviour for MIDI and Audio.



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