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>On the subject of MIDI.
>Since I'm a fairly new to the intel world, can anyone tell me
>which port a midi interface is using?

A standard PC-MIDI interface uses port 330, but that can be changed. Many (most) soundcards have a MIDI-interface build-in through the Joystick-port.

>2)  how would I configure my linux box to talk with such interface
>a) through some mysterious connection between the sound card and
>said port, b) manually in /dev/something.

You can add a MIDI-device when compiling the kernel, either as a part of the Kernel, or as a module. The drivercode is normally a part of OSS/free, which is included in most Linux distributions (those who make you sound card work).

The in/out ports of the device will automaticly be created in /dev/ as /dev/midi00 (actually midi0x if you have more than one interface, i think), and a /dev/sequencer will automaticly be created for playing MIDI-files. (As far as i know, anybody correct me if I am wrong)

You shouldn't worry much about this, because PD (usually) finds and assigns the correct ports when you start it.

>3) anyone aware of possibility of hacking a serial cable
>to adapt to my serial port in my pc and possibly using
>a serial MIDI interface.

You should check out the this link:

I have NOT tried it, though, so I don't know if it will work.

>And on another note (pd)
>As I started finally playing with pd a little more seriously
>I found that it'd be cool to have some documentation polished
>up and updated.  I even started doing a little HTML version of it.
>It's just a beginning but I'm willing to continue if there
>are chances someone will find it useful.  Now or in the future.
>Any pros,cons?  Hints and ideas are more than welcome.

This will be great.

For more information and software on Linux/sound try out

Soeren Bovbjerg

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