Gem 0.77 on IRIX

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Sat Feb 27 02:31:32 CET 1999

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> curve and polygon dont seem to work on my machine..... they 
> show up but
  You need to make sure that you have the newest version of Pd.  Miller
accidentally made objects called curve and polygon, which means that the
GEM ones are clobbered.  The new Pd renames those objects (the GEM ones
are still curve and polygon).

> also, can someone send me an example of how to use scale? I 
> cant seem to get it right.
  What do you mean?  Scale accepts a message with 3 floats which specify
the X, Y, and Z scaling of the transformation matrix for the chain.
This means that if you pass it 1. 1. 1. nothing would happen.  Setting a
scale == 0. is undefined by the way...but it will probably do what you
expect it to do.  Try scaleXYZ, which has three inputs.

> also, is there a way to do warping on a 3D object? like in the IRIX
> midiblob demo....

  This is on my list of things to do for the model object.  Basically, I
would like to be able to "morph" between two loaded models.  This isn't
going to happen for a little while though.  The best way to deal with a
blob effect is to specify all of your coordinates and draw the triangles
yourself.  This is fairly tedious and error prone though.

> also, how can I draw a simple line in Gem... I guess I could use the
> curve object but it doesnt work on my machine.... 
  You want the curve object.  However, you can also do it with the
square object.  Just scale it to .0001 in the Y dimension and tell it to
"draw line".

Later, Mark

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