Preferred Pd platforms

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Sat Apr 3 13:13:35 CEST 1999

and the fool's opinion:
of course it helps a lot if you already know max, but then, its not
impossible to get into pd without it.
trial&error is supported pretty good with the way pd works, i think.
what i got myself a while ago, was, which you
can download off ircams site somewhere ... but of course it only
co-covers the most basic objects.
so i ve never looked into it that much rather than example patches.
also, some general knowledge of/about computer musics might get you
pretty far ...

> >
> > - How similar is Pd to MAX?  If I get the book on MAX
> > programming, will this be an aid to learning Pd?
> >
>   IMHO, it would be very difficult to learn Pd without knowing MAX right
> now.  This is starting to change due to some tutorials and help docs,
> but there isn't too much right now.  A book on MAX programming probably
> won't help, because it won't cover the audio objects, GEM, etc. and will
> probably focus on a lot of objects which don't exist in Pd.  If you can
> get Chris Dobrian's (sp?) Max/FTS tutorial, then that is probably the
> best bet.


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