using 2 computers

Michal Seta mis at
Thu Apr 8 00:14:10 CEST 1999

Hello all,

So, I'm planning to use pd in a performance.
The idea was to use 2 laptops running pd under linux.  However, one of the
laptops seems to be quite useless as it has no sound input nor output
(exept for a built -in mic and speakers...) so I was wondering if using
them networked through ethernet would allow me to approximate something of
dual processor nature.  Haven't experimented with it as we don't yet have
ethernet cards.  I would appreciate any ideas in this repect.  I'm mainly
intersted to know what kind and how much data would I be able to exchange
between the 2 computers over a (hopefully) 1000baseT ethernet card.

Also, relating to the running of pd under root.  I've tried to run it as a
user and it works fine except for clickes (and obviously I'm not the only
one that has noticed it) and I've noticed the same type of clicks when I
use MixViews to play large soundfiles.  Running audio software as root
doesn't seem to have the same side-effect.  How can I optimize it?

Obviously, I still don't understand the concept behind running pd (or
other software) under root vs. user...


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