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Michal Seta mis at
Thu Apr 22 07:21:57 CEST 1999

On Wed, 21 Apr 1999, Miller Puckette wrote:

|(Michael Seta writes:)
|> Maybe I will try that one soon.  I think that Miller got Alsa running with
|> this card.  I haven't attempted to retry the installation.
|>any insight?
|well, I TRIED both ALSA and the version of OSS that comes with RedHat5.2,
|and neither one seemed to work.  I hope to give it another try in a week or
|so...  by the way, where does one download OSS drivers from?

OSS commercial seems to be running fine on my system.  The one that came
with RedHat did nothing good to me.
It seemed as if only playing audio CDs was supported :)

You can get the oss drivers at

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