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>|As always, standard answer no. 1, a driver problem.
>|Which version of pd do you use ? Have all versions the same problem ?

>I'm using 0.24.  And yes I always had this problem.  However, I experience
>the same problem on a different machine (still linux) with an OPTi sound
>card (which supposedly is 100% compatible with SoundBlaster...  but they
>all are, aren't they...)

Yes, they all are 8bit 22kHz SBPro compatible, anyhow, how could you reproduce
the problem on a "non full duplex" SoundBlaster clone ?

>|> And I don't even want to look at the source code.  It'd give
>|> me a headache
>|> :)
>|Luckily (?), you can=B4t look at the source of OSS/commercial :)

>I meant pd code :)  I assumed maybe there was something wring with that...
>whatever the case, I just don't want to look at codes :)

It may well be, but there´s definitely something "wring" with the drivers too,
it works perfectly with OSS/Free on my PCI128.


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