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> Subject : Re: I don't care about $20 billion US fucking dollares against
>          bullshit genocide
> the warcriminalz deserve DEATH FROM
> ABOVE!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!

strange people those us_nasa workers,
though gagarin found out years ago, there
was no god "above", while orbiting around the earth,
nasa research assistants must have missed this important
scientific observation, and apparently are still thinking
there is a super-human force up there, and - of course us
is one of those very modern countries that still carry out
the death penalty, great civilization - that through
humanitarian killing we help some kind of absolute
moral judgement to be carried out! Now I understand,
the link between nasa - death penalty - nato - bombing:
it is a divine system! good idea to kill everyone,
and up there above it is all sorted out! Subscribe
me for the next mars mission. Quick, I need csound
for the holy task of entertainment during the judgement
ceremony. Is there also a split in good and bad operating
systems to ... o no! what csound should I use?
Up there above! or will the deathgod with the
limitless database mind sort it out as well?
(Imagine he wants an amiga version! seems obsolete
here but in the light of the eternal flame no
one really knows what to expect!)

for serious csounders, who do care about things:

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