Redhat 6.0 works

Michael Lechasseur mlecha at
Mon May 10 05:02:16 CEST 1999


	Thanks to all who wrote replies about the "network host unreachable" error.
I didn't realize how common the error was.  It was my first Linux install on
a box that didn't have a network card, so I was unfamiliar with the error.

	Just to let you know, pd-0.24 worked fine on RedHat 6.0 with OSS/Linux.

	On my own system I tried pd-0.25TEST3, and got good results with guenter's
modified SB PCI128 driver on the 2.1.130 kernel.  Full-duplex 16-bit midi in
and out.

	Is it possible to have 4 input channels in this version?  I have an
interesting application for that.

	When I booted 2.0.36 and used OSS/linux, pd would run only if I disabled
the input.  I could document the 'error' if it would be useful?

	The work that is going into pd is very encouraging.  My thanks to all those
who are developing.

	Michael Lechasseur

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