PDing my MSPing

17.cV.478H opt at web.fm
Fri May 28 12:33:42 CEST 1999

chris, sorry, i was too wasted to answer your other mail yesserday .. ;)

so, i think there's a pretty simple answer to you rsituation ..
which is,
if your budget allows for it, i d go and get a G3 schleppi, since
you will be able to run both macos (also mac X server, and max and all the
other nifty mac audio soft) as well as linuxppc, which i think should
pretty much rock on a G3 and go for all the nifty linux nonsense soft
(inclding pd and many free compilers) ;)
just get yourself a HUGE hardrive
with an intel thing, well, you get about the same power for half the price
which of course also could eb worth considering ..
and you could also run the beOS on it, but then, there's still not too
much soft available, as i suppose (i m not too closely following it)
and then, there's vmware, which looks like a pretty stable virtual pc
software for linux.

well, so far for what i ve got to throw in.
happy pondering.


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