PDing my MSPing

christian a. h. godpup at ix.netcom.com
Fri May 28 05:20:01 CEST 1999

i'm new to this list and have bunches of questions to ask...

i'm working on my B.S. in audio production and plan to persue graduate
work in the fields of DSP, sound morphing, and perhaps EE or computer

i'm pretty much a fanatic of electronic music, but discovered over the
years that my interest had more to do with the sounds created than the
actual 'music.'  so...

i'm in the process of selling all my synths, drum machines, and external
processors for a computer based system. (i'm keeping my sampler..)  i
know about MAX, MSP, and LiSa and realize that macintosh computers are
better equipped to handle audio / visual data.  however, in recent light
(pd being one factor..) i've become aware that a mac based platform has
it's limitations and people are starting to gravitate towards PCs and
Unix based machines.  since i'm also interested in programming
(specifically C) i realize that a macintosh won't be able to provide me
with the compiling software i need. (unless someone can correct me on
this.. how well does the virtual PC software work on Macs??  would i be
able to run a c compiler or visual basic compiler with any success??)  i
would greatly appreciate any and all opinions concerning PD and MAX with
regards to which platform would be a wise investment.  i'm looking into
G3 laptops, but am wondering if a laptop might pose too many limitations
on object oriented / audio software. (PD, MAX, and LiSa in
particular..)  this computer would also serve as my 'workstation' for
school and internet access.  laptop, desktop, pc, mac, pd, max???

thanks bunches,

: hope you don't mind the multiple questions since i realize many of you
have skills 'outside' of computer music..
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