pd compile on suse 6.1 + more

Guenter Geiger geiger at epy.co.at
Mon Aug 2 12:10:13 CEST 1999

17.hzV.tRL.478 writes:
 > hu.
 > i had this compile error on a suse 6.1 system ., see below ...
 > also another thnig concerning gem:
 > is it possible to have the "gemwin" on a different X display than the
 > patch window(s)?
 > thing is, that i have a machine with a TNT chip, so mesa runs in
 > accelerated mode and it really rocks, but as soon as i work on that
 > machine over X or even VNC, i m loosing the 3d hardware accel ...

How does this work with other mesa programs. Do you just start
them from the console ?
Is this TNT thing emulating an X display ?
I think it is possible to make Gem configurable for it.
Is it enough just to let the Gem window pop up on another display 
(something like the create message to gemwin with an additional
argument where to create the window e.g. "create wonk.epy.co.at:0.0").
Actually this would be a nice thing for live performances too, 
if you want to interact with the patch.

BTW, I'm using a Matrox G200 card with the GLX module, so I can have
hardware acceleration with X. I think there's a driver for 
Riva/TNT chips too. Look at: 
if you have problems with it contact me (I've gone through most of
them here on the Alpha)

Yes, Gem now rocks on Linux too !!

For the Suse Problem:
AFAIK Suse comes with tcl8.1 and tk8.1. This means you have to replace
-ltk8.0 and -ltcl8.0 with -ltk8.1 and -ltcl8.1 respectively.
I'm constantly thinking about replacing the makefile by a configure
script, to get rid of these oddities.
Let me know if it works.


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