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Mon Aug 2 19:43:36 CEST 1999

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> Subject: pd compile on suse 6.1 + more
>  > also another thnig concerning gem:
>  > is it possible to have the "gemwin" on a different X display than
>  > patch window(s)?
>  > 
> I think it is possible to make Gem configurable for it.

  There is no inherent reason why you couldn't do this (OpenGL is made
to work across a network), but GEM won't do it without some code
tweaking.  When the OpenGL window is created with gemwin, you could pass
in a display, which can be used to specify where the window appears (I

  Be aware of how GEM handles OpenGL contexts though!  When GEM starts
up, it creates an OpenGL context which is never displayed, but exists
for the life of the program.  This context is created so that display
list can be built (such as model) and OpenGL information can be
retrieved.  This is why there is a special environment variable for
cards like the Voodoo2 which don't do OpenGL in a window.  If you
hotwire where the window gets created, make sure that the hidden OpenGL
context is made in the same place so that some of the GEM objects don't
freak out when they try to make OpenGL calls without rendering started.

> Yes, Gem now rocks on Linux too !!

  This is so great to hear!  Sounds like I need to finally deep-six my
WinNT OS.  I'm trying to do a piece right now and it is pretty

  By the way, it is very easy to get two copies of Pd/GEM running on one
machine, but it requires a recompile on WinNT (this will probably not be
required in the future).  For one of the copies, you need to change what
socket pd and pd-gui use for communication.  Then just use
netsend/netreceive on the same machine.  I'm doing this and getting full
graphics and sound processing without any clicks.  Send me email if you
want more info.

Later, Mark

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