alex alexx at senet.com.au
Tue Oct 5 10:33:33 CEST 1999

hey ..
i have some questions ..

i guess <remove> and <previous> are not implemented for lists..
is there plan to implement these ?

also, would it be outside scope of pd to have signal arrays
 in templates/lists vs having to copy that to an array ?
ie would mean dynamically created arrays, which would be uzeful
 for much. ex non-destructive editing, multiple sample instruments etc..

is it possible to have lists within lists ?

what does sublist do ?

can tcl/interface be run on different machine to pd engine ?

osw is 'open sound world' by the way ..
i haven't read the paper but it seems interesting.
i'm not sure how much more it would achieve in musical sense
 (being yet another graphical procedural language)


au revoir - azo
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