pd_0.27 & ALSA

marco trevisani marco.trevisani at nyu.edu
Thu Oct 7 02:49:32 CEST 1999

I'm running ALSA 0.4.1b (plus red-hat 6)
and compiled the sources from PD_0.27 with:
make -f makefile.linux SOUNDDRIVER=ALSA
 but after i launch  pd it complains that cant find OSS...

..so question is: ALSA is supported in pd-0.27?
(if yes what ma i missing?)
..or should i use pd-0.26?



Just to be precise this is the pd startup complain: 

OSS: device Nr. 1 on /dev/dsp
OSS: requiring extra adc handles
OSS: failed to open /dev/dsp1 read only
advance 2205 samples, samplerate = 44100
inputchannels = 0, outputchannels = 2
MIDIlib: Found one MIDI port on /dev/midi
audio I/O stuck... closing audio and MIDI

marco trevisani
marco.trevisani at nyu.edu

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