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Guenter Geiger geiger at
Mon Oct 4 15:55:30 CEST 1999

Israelbenz at writes:
 > After I finish some projects I'm working on know, I'd like to begin working 
 > on a slightly  friendlier/sexier UI for pd, if only for my own intellectual 
 > stimulation and self satisfaction.  I've come to this point because a Max/MSP 
 > porrt for Windows is a ways off at best.  The only problem is I don't really 
 > know anything about Tcl/Tk.  I'm moderately capable in generic C++ and VC 
 > (i.e., MFC).  Does anyone have any suggestions about online tutorials (i.e., 
 > free) about how to write Tcl/Tk code.  If not, how about any particularly 
 > good books. 

 If you want to write some objects with user inteface, take a look at
 the ggext package. But beware, you can´t use tcl/tk knobs and
 whistles, and you have to paint everything yourself into the
 canvas object. The canvas object is known not being the fastest,
 so the easiest way to rewrite pd´s GUI is to write a replacement
 for the TCL/TK canvas object.
 You don´t need to implement every command, and you may add some
 GUI widgets in your new "enhanced" canvas, which then could be used
 directly from within pd.
 So what it comes down is a kind of interpreter, which reads the
 commands pd sends, and send mouse movement andother events back to pd. 



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