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Michael A. Thompson mat0001 at
Mon Oct 4 08:08:59 CEST 1999

Well, I would not mind if tcl/tk was left in the dust. I like it and its easy to
use and work with but it sucks CPU time and there is not that much you can do
about it.  it does have some good things built into it...

I think that if pd-gui is redone in c/c++ then it will need to be done in a
cross platform way with a cross platform toolkit like fltk, wxWindows, qt,
etc... all of these have unix (IRIX, LINUX, BSD) ports as well as windows95-NT
support and are open source (except for the windows version of qt). FLTK has
OpenGL/GLUT support already and somebody has a simple multi-threaded design for
it. wxWindows has MacOS support ... and all these are c++ toolkits although FLTK
is a more simple design, very C like, with support for the programmer to make
their app more c++ in design if they choose.... a few  c programmers I know use
it because they dont have to dive into the c++ world that heavy.... and it has a
GUI designer app with it...



Israelbenz at wrote:

> After I finish some projects I'm working on know, I'd like to begin working
> on a slightly  friendlier/sexier UI for pd, if only for my own intellectual
> stimulation and self satisfaction.  I've come to this point because a Max/MSP
> porrt for Windows is a ways off at best.  The only problem is I don't really
> know anything about Tcl/Tk.  I'm moderately capable in generic C++ and VC
> (i.e., MFC).  Does anyone have any suggestions about online tutorials (i.e.,
> free) about how to write Tcl/Tk code.  If not, how about any particularly
> good books.
> Sincerely,
> Benjamin Israel
> israelbenz at
> I'll try anything once, except incest and folk dancing. . .  Sir Thomas
> Beecham

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