Multiple definitions - templates & lists

Iain.Mott at cmis.CSIRO.AU Iain.Mott at cmis.CSIRO.AU
Fri Oct 8 10:20:46 CEST 1999


I've got a few questions - tried to findem in the archive - no joy :(

1. is there any simple way of avoiding "multiply defined" type errors when
using arrays within an abstraction?  eg. can each instance of an abstraction
in a patch, have its own copy of an array named say "fred"? 

or will I perhaps need to devise some tricky way of appending a unique id to
the name, renaming fred "fred-id" - then letting the other objects in the
abstraction know the new name of the array in case they need to access?

2. are there any patch examples or info available outlining the concept of

3. utility patches floating around for list operations?



Iain Mott

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