Multiple definitions - templates & lists

36.zZw_zRtW.910.32 opt at
Fri Oct 8 17:44:44 CEST 1999

> ah, jo, that´s what I wanted to ask sometime ago too...
> the thing with the $1 works fine, if you don´t mind to imagine thousands of
> jodeltable-names.
> Wini mentioned that he´s heard of $0 returning a unique ID but none of us could
> get this to work so I think it was just very awful fama.
> Since (I guess that) each window actually does have a unique-ID, why not make it
> available to the public (via $0 (?)); this would make "generation" of patches
> much more easy
> (and, by the way, the number of myjodeltable, yourjodeltable, hisjodeltable, ...
> is definitely not infinite !)

anyhow, if you dont refer to tables by name but by connection its all not
but the same problem applies to templates.
well ..
there's an object in max (so ive heard) which does subpatch-generation by
replacing a set of given varibale names with generated others.?

its still, how can you change a recieve's name after you ve opened a
generated patch ... does it eat a 'set ..'?

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