Multiple definitions - templates & lists

Iain.Mott at cmis.CSIRO.AU Iain.Mott at cmis.CSIRO.AU
Sat Oct 9 06:33:20 CEST 1999

>> 2. are there any patch examples or info available outlining the concept
>> "templates"? 
> doc/7.stuff/data-structures/*
> and see the 0.intro.tyxt its not shown with the *.pd 
> filterered open box
> ..

sorry i overlooked this - thanks for the comments. 

i have one other quick question :

when loading a sound file into an array it's possible to specify the sample
number (in the file) where the read starts. Can the number of samples read
also be specified? - i'd like to read small chunks of large files.

cheers, iain

Iain Mott

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