conjugal symbols

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Mon Oct 11 17:46:32 CEST 1999

  Actually, there is a way if you have GEM.

  There is an object called strcat which was made to do exactly this
(although the implementation is a little strange...)

  Make an object "strcat foobar"  Then, every message which is passed
into the inlet will be appended to the foobar string.  So for instance,
if you had a message box with "symbol dog", it would output foobardog.

  Be aware that numbers are floating point and they end up being
_really_ long numbers (with lots of zeros).  This is because they used
to be ints and the code never changed.

Later, Mark

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> Sorry, I don't think there's any way, short of writing a new
> object to do this.  When I get argument concatenation to work,
> you'll be able to say "makefilename $1%s".
> Miller
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> > i'm stuck trying to join two symbols together eg. "23" + "phrase1" =
> > "23phrase1".
> > 
> ...
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