conjugal symbols

Iain.Mott at cmis.CSIRO.AU Iain.Mott at cmis.CSIRO.AU
Tue Oct 12 03:02:26 CEST 1999

>   If this is how makefilename works, then great.  I don't think that
> strcat will ever go away, since it has been around for over 3 
> years now
> (I use it in my pieces, in any event), but it would make sense to find
> one object which we promote as the "right one".

thanks for the tip about strcat. This works - as long as i use symbols as
arguments and not numbers. and this is ok for what i'm doing, so a big

the main difference between strcat and makefilename is that you can't write
something like "makefilename $1%s" - although Miller tells me this will soon
be possible. Within an abstraction, strcat allows you to place a $1 type
argument within it. - i've then been using loadbang connected to a "symbol
$2" object to feed the second argument into the "strcat $1". -> problem

thanks, iain

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