09.IWti_wXI.366.48 opt at
Fri Oct 22 11:44:37 CEST 1999

go away with c++, nobody wants that .. (my body doesnt at least)
integer go farming jodel .. hahaha ;))

anyhow, do some java, its gonna do good ......
and yes, (try) kepp it REUSABLE, thanks
(its hard enough, i cant even reuse my own code, ;) (no matter what
(am i doing some "wrong", (very) probably(?))

all the experiences i ve with java so far, its only related to speed , but
not in any way to quality of code bound to by the way of the language ..
its also ultra advantage = networkability .. which is in some way (or the
other) rpobly
part of the the future .. (*giggle*)
but still, have you heard of perl? ;))

you can still do java stuff which leaves you thinking longer than it takes
the program to run, so much as for speed ,, sorry for gettgin esoteric ..

xi . xi

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