Gem 0.81 under redhat, and questions

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Mon Nov 1 18:52:54 CET 1999

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> Subject: Gem 0.81 under redhat, and questions
> Now here's the interesting question.  I really want my nice TV card to
> work as a video input to Gem.  Has anyone tried this yet?  The video
> input objects exist in Gem, they just aren't adapted to Linux yet.

  This may be a trick.  You will need to find drivers for the card, and
then write the objects.  If all of the pieces are there, it shouldn't be
difficult.  The video objects work under both IRIX and Win32, so Linux
should fit into the picture fine.

> After I do that I want to have multiple gemwinds so that I 
> can draw stuff
> offscreen and use the result as a pix_image.  Also, I want to be able

  This is a cool idea, but GEM will need to be modified to support
multiple windows.  This has been on my "list o' things to do", but it is
not a small task.

> to put 2 gfx cards in my machine and dedicate one of them as 
> the output
> gemwind so that I can have both my login window and a signal 
> to project at the same time.  Anyone have similar ideas?

  I do this all of the time, but there is a catch.  My second gfx card
is a 3dfx Voodoo2 card, which _only_ does 3D graphics (ie, you also need
a 2D card).  My Voodoo2 has video output (both S-Video and composite).
This works fine.  Getting two "normal" graphics card to work in one box
is a problem.  Windows (for example) hates it and won't do hard ware
acceleration usually.

Later, Mark

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