ALSA version for pd-027 (compilation problems)

Guenter Geiger geiger at
Tue Nov 2 12:53:53 CET 1999

Karl W. MacMillan writes:
 > I just upgraded my machine to RedHat 6.1 and installed the ALSA drivers
 > -version 4.1dfor my trident 4Dwave card (pretty good, cheap PCI sound
 > card). 

 Yeah, I will receive one of these cards too, ...


 I have written the ALSA code a long time ago, can´t remember the 
 ALSA version, though.
 I don´t know if Miller has worked on it in the meantime.
 So, generally said, I do understand that it is broken ATM, ...

 > HAVE_ALSA defined somewhere else in the complilation after checking for
 > the existence of the alsa library?  Any help would be appreciated.

 HAVE_ALSA was supposed to be provided at the make command line
 like make HAVE_ALSA=1 (or similar), until we have some
 autoconf setup.

 Please keep me updated about your efforts, I will work on that
 when I have received my card, ...
 BTW, what is the signal noise on the line input of this card ?
 Is it acceptable ?


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