OSS: drop ADC buf

Peter Washburn spambait at pacbell.net
Tue Nov 16 07:13:02 CET 1999

I have the same behaviour, but without the ADCbuffOSS business. I've tried both FreeOSS and commercial OSS. From what I can tell the only /dev/dsp channels that are open on my machine are /dev/dsp0:/dev/dsp1:/dev/dsp:/dev/audio

some of which may be aliases I don't really know. What I have been able to determine is that /dev/dsp2 is not available for input or output. I'm going to have a look in the code and see if I can find out why it is looking to
/dev/dsp2. Perhaps the most recent OSS changed it's behaviour and is not sending pd the correct info.

-Peter Washburn

Bill Sack wrote:

> Sometime back around pd-0.23 or so, i had more-or-less duplex operation
> happening - that is, i was able to use bonk~ and run some other patches
> requiring both audio input and output. This was on a Dell PII 350
> w/ RH 5.0 and commercial OSS drivers. At some point, Very Bad Things
> happened to the filesystem on that machine - so i installed RH 6.0,
> the current OSS package and pd-0.26. Now, audio output works fine,
> but if i start pd without the -noadc flag the following appears:
> OSS: device Nr. 1 on /dev/dsp
> pd: OSS: requiring extra adc handles
> pd: OSS: requiring extra adc handles
> OSS: failed to open /dev/dsp2 read only
> and the terminal window is flooded with this message: OSS: drop ADC bufOSS: drop ADC bufOSS: drop ADC bufOSS: drop ADC bufOSS: drop ADC bufOSS: drop ADC bufOSS: drop ADC bufOSS: drop ADC bufOSS: drop ADC bufOSS: drop ADC buf
> etc. ad quasi-infinitum.
> i've messed around with various other startup flags (buffersize, frags)
> and none of them help. pd w/ audio out only is great, but in AND out
> would be outstanding. Has anyone seen similar strangenesses? seems
> like if it worked once it _should_ be able to work again.
> thank you
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