Pd problems under Linux

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104-1.UCSD.Edu
Wed Dec 1 18:01:40 CET 1999

Hi Nick,

I get this behavior sometimes when trying to address certain OSS drivers.
The fix is to use "-frags 4" (for example) to force "old-style" FIFO
control in the audio driver.  Guenter has proposed a way Pd could detect the
problem without hanging but I haven't tried it yet.

> When I start Pd with -nosound, it works fine (though without audio,
> obviously). But when I start it with audio, something weird happens to
> the gui: the menus screw up, and the DIO errors box (which is always
> red) only operates once before freezing up.
> In more detail:
> Create a new patch - doesn't work
> Open a patch - brings up the open file dialog but doesn't subsequently
> open anything
> Quit - brings up the Quit? question, but doesn't subsequently do
> anything


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