DSP errors under LInux

Elliot Anderson ewanders at sirius.com
Thu Dec 30 02:25:19 CET 1999

	I noticed others on the list having similar errors, but didn't see how
they resolved them.  I have PD running under Mandrake Linux 6.0 using the
Opensound drivers with an AWE 32 Soundblaster card.  Everything installs
ok.  When I try running PD I get the following errors:

OSS: device Nr. 1 on /dev/dsp
OSS: failed to open /dev/dsp writeonly
OSS: requiring extra adc handles
OSS: failed to open /dev/dsp read only
advance 13230 samples, samplerate = 4100.000000
inputchannels = 0, outputchannels = 0
MIDIlib: Found one MIDI port on /dev/midi
audio I/O stuck... closing audio and MIDI

	I had PD running with the drivers that came with my Linux distribution but
the test sound was "stuttering."   Deciding that it was a driver problem
and I purchased the Opensound driver.  Now I get this error.  I also have
PD running fine under NT on the same machine (duel boot system.)  However,
I need to use serial objects that Guenter wrote for Linux.

Elliot Anderson

Elliot Anderson

Lecturer, Electronic Media, 
Art Department
University of California, Santa Cruz
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