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Timmy B tim at
Thu Feb 3 05:16:31 CET 2000

Hi Kids,

perhaps I am behind the times, a 0.26 release. But I wanted to look
at the error messages in the (non-functioning) midi startup
routines, so I started a recompile with some debug messages.

haha very strange holiday activities i hear you say

so now it doesn't start anymore, it seems that the call to
pd-gui is crashing (calling pd-gui direct segfaults) and
the pd process is waiting around for it forever. starting
pd-gui with some error message fprintfs tells me that
Tk_Main is being called but not calling Tcl_AppInit before
the segfault.

if it helps, gdb tells me it dies in TclSetupEnv, which doesnt
have any man pages on my machine (so probably none).

I am on a RH 5.2 heavily updated to 6.0 and 6.1, tcl/tk
8.0.2, XFree, mostly pretty standard stuff.

i have now installed 0.29, it runs no problem, but I will
probably need to investigate the midi problems, and recompile
with my own adaptions. thus I would appreciate ideas on what might
not work.

any ideas? what might I have forgotten? please tell!

cheers all,

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