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Elliot Anderson ewanders at
Sun Feb 13 23:40:46 CET 2000

	I am attempting to add to the serial object under NT a routine that reads 
the serial port.  I have values coming into tcl/tk; how to get them into 
the C code so I can send out the serial object?  I know that there's a 
command called PD that is added to tcl/tk, however, I don't understand the 
syntax.  This is my first experience with tcl/tk.  Also, I noticed that the 
C code uses sys_gui to send messages/strings to tcl/tk, but I can't figure 
out how to send strings from tcl/tk to the C serial code.
	I need to read and write to a multiport serial card that has sonar sensors 
attached to each port.  I also need to read and write to a laser disc 
player based on the sonar information.  I'm setting up and installation in 
two weeks and this is the sticking point.  I have the serial stuff working 
under Linux, however, there isn't a Linux driver for my multiport 
card.  Therefore, I'm stuck using NT.

Elliot Anderson

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