PPC Linux and PD

Garry Kling KLINGG at cwu.EDU
Mon Feb 14 23:41:13 CET 2000

Getting PD to run on a PPC with Linux *should* be this simple:

from Miller:
Startup PD with the -frags 4 option
in s_linux.c, changing the
format "AFMT_S16_LE" to "AFMT_S16_NE". 

What I meant by editing the makefile was just changing it so that it
has the right pathname for the standard libraries. i.e. change all the
occurences of .../redhat-i586-linux/... (or whatever it is) to
.../yld-ppc-linux/... or wherever your libraries are located. The
compiler will give you an error if you miss one, so the mistakes are
easy to fine. I might add that this worked on my system, which is a
powerbook G3 266 with YellowDog linux, with just the standard OSS sound
driver. I have yet to tackle MIDI...

If this is info isn't clear enough, pester me again. Good luck!

Garry Kling
klingg at cwu.edu

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