PPC Linux and PD

Michal Seta mis at music.mcgill.ca
Tue Feb 15 20:36:20 CET 2000

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Garry Kling wrote:

|Getting PD to run on a PPC with Linux *should* be this simple:

I had no problem compiling it.  It compiles without any errors.  It seems
to have a problems with the tcl/tk combo because some menus don't work at
all and opening patches is impossible.  The status window shows the path
of the patch I try to open but nothing come up.  Also, when I try to quit,
I get the confirm box and when I say "yes" the wndow sits still open.

Perhaps someone is aware of some bug in the tcl/tk 8.0 for linuxPPC???

PPC 7200/120
LinuxPPC Q3 1999

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