Absolute time and readsf~ and a sequenser

umläute zmoelnig at iem.mhsg.ac.at
Mon Feb 14 14:07:11 CET 2000

forum::für::umläute wrote:
> > Jørgen Mortensen wrote:
> >
> > Hi!
> >
> > For an installation I could use to know the absolute time - get it and
> > at that spot play one or more soundfiles. Is there a way to get the
> > absolute time, and is there a simple way to play soundfiles The
> absolute_time is obviously not (yet) existing, maybe i'll have a look
> tomorrow...

if your still interested, i have added date & time (and some other
useless functions) to my external, and put it on the ftp-server
so you can download it from ftp://iem.mhsg.ac.at/pd/Externals/ZEXY/
(by the way, there's included sfplay and sfrecord too, for easy
soundfile playing/recording)

please test and send bug-reports to zmoelnig at iem.mhsg.ac.at


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