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Ian Knopke iknopk at
Wed Feb 23 11:24:55 CET 2000

OK, this suggestion about the DISPLAY variable worked fine (it required the
localhost:0 option. thanks Dieter!). Now PD starts up and I get a new error
message: Audio I/O stuck and then it shuts down, usually leaving a window in
gnome which must be "annihilated". Starting with the -nosound option seems to
make no difference. Still doesn't work, although PD seems to make it much
farther through the initialization routine now. Audio and midi both work under
x-windows with other programs. Is this something to do with the frag option?

Ian Knopke
iknopk at

dieter at wrote:

> hi!
> your problem can be solved easily.
> you don't have to recompile anything, or switch back to windows.
> the DISPLAY variable is to tell x-programs on which X-server to run.
> (you need to have an X-server running to run pd)
> just enter "export DISPLAY=0" or "export DISPLAY=localhost:0" in your
> bash-commandline before you start pd (from the same shell).
> if you want to run pd on your computer and export the graphical output
> to anotherone connected via network enter
> "export" or "export
> "echo $DISPLAY" gives you the actual value.
> you can also put te export-line in your
> .bashrc/.bash_profile/.profile/...
> if you are using another shell, read the man-page for ideas how to
> export variables.
> > I'm having a little trouble here...
> >
> > Just installed a new version of Linux recently and now I'm trying to get
> > PD working again. I'm using a recent copy of Linux-Mandrake with a
> > Soundblaster Live card. Sound and MIDI both work using independent
> > programs. If I start PD from within X-windows it works but no sound or
> > MIDI. If I attempt to start it from a command line I get an error that
> > looks something like the following:
> >
> > Application Initialization Failed: no display name and $DISPLAY not set
> >
> > When I went through the installation routine my monitor choice was not
> > available so I chose the custom option and filled in my own values
> > (which seem to work fine). The DISPLAY variable is not present in my
> > env. My guess is that PD is looking for the DISPLAY variable to be set
> > to something in the .bashrc or .bash_profile files which the custom
> > option didn't add, but I don't know enough about the internal workings
> > of Linux to determine what or where this should be set exactly. Haven't
> > found any documentation on how these files are set up either. GEM is not
> > installed yet.
> >
> > Does anyone know how to fix this? Do I have to change something in the
> > make files and re-compile PD (although it seems like a Linux problem not
> > a PD problem)? I'd really hate to switch back to the Windows version...
> >
> > Ian Knopke
> > iknopk at

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