Freetype woes

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Fri Jun 16 22:37:08 CEST 2000

* Jason Freeman (jason_freeman34 at [000616 21:52]:
> Hi all -- I'm having some problems with truetype font rendering in pd/GEM, 
> and was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems or has any 
> suggestions. I am using a Dell 866 Pentium machine with Red Hat 6.2, a TNT2 
> chipset graphics card, and the nVIDIA OpenGL drivers and XFree86 4.0 and 
> freetype 1.3.1.
> 1) The "text3d" object does not work at all. When trying to use the example 
> patch included with gem 0.83, for instance, pd/GEM crashes as soon as I turn 
> on rendering. I previously had this same problem on a similar linux machine 
> that was just using the standard Mesa3d drivers. There are no error messages 
> prior to crashing.
> 2) The "text2d" object is incredibly power hungry with large font sizes. 
> Pd's CPU usage stays very low, but as I increase the font size of a "text2d" 
> object, even if it only contains a single character, the X server CPU usage 
> quickly jumps to almost 100%. This did not happen on other machines that 
> were using Mesa3d drivers instead of the nVidia GL drivers.
> Any ideas would be appreciated -- or even clues as to whether the problem 
> lies in GEM, the nvidia drivers, or the freetype libraries.
I experienced the same thing using GEM
on a new powerbook g3 running linuxppc.

In fact, for me, when I try to run an example using text,
(gemChangeText.pd for example)
the program look for the "arial.ttf", and it didn't find
it because it is named "Arial.ttf".
I rename the "Arial" into "arial" without more success.

Then I modified the DEFAULT_FONT in TextBase.cpp, from arial to
Arial, but now it crash when I try to launch the patch
(after creating the window).

What is then there the problem? Must be a Freetype problen no?


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