multiple channels in pd

DI Winfried Ritsch ritsch at
Thu Jun 22 18:07:57 CEST 2000


> Great! Thanks. That means we can go ahead and get the kit with
> confidence. What's your verdict on the VC-8? Nice price compared to an
> ADAT, but how's the quality?

Thats the great question:

its a nice price for 20Bit ADDA but they have no symmetric outputs/inputs,
and can do only 44.1 from their own sync but can be synced from the card
on other rates.
We used them mostly because they are cheap and plugged them directly in
the amps having the DAs besides the amps using long optical cables so
quality is good enough (I cant hear any noise or distorion). 

But since we need often only DAs the question is what other products are
good ?? I would be interrested if someone has experience with other once.

In studios we have an ADAT-Matrix so we can switch them directly to
other HD-Recording or use as for monitoring digital pruduction some
ADAT-Mixers like Yamaha O1V or O3D and so on. We also used some Creamware
ADDA, but everytime you switch them on you have to change the sync
source before turning on the amps, this leads sometimes lower volumed 
ears ;-))). 

But I idnt try other ones.

mfg winfried.

PS:We tried to get optical cables for cutting them ourselves but last
time i didnt find any distributor (a year before I got them in electronic 
market). Has anybody out there an idea where to buy eg. 200m optical cable
at good price ?

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