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Alessandro Fogar sfogar at libero.it
Thu Jun 22 22:46:02 CEST 2000


As I said in my previous message I use a Swissonic DA24 (8 balanced cannon
outputs) and I
think it's a very good unit.

As the model implies it's a 24 bit unit with 48khz capability (no 96Khz but
does it matter ?), the optical cable is included.

Infos at http://www.swissonic.com

I've bought it online at http://www.musicians-gear.com/ (Germany) for about
450 euros.


Alessandro Fogar

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> Hello,
> > Great! Thanks. That means we can go ahead and get the kit with
> > confidence. What's your verdict on the VC-8? Nice price compared to an
> > ADAT, but how's the quality?
> >
> Thats the great question:
> its a nice price for 20Bit ADDA but they have no symmetric outputs/inputs,
> and can do only 44.1 from their own sync but can be synced from the card
> on other rates.
> We used them mostly because they are cheap and plugged them directly in
> the amps having the DAs besides the amps using long optical cables so
> quality is good enough (I cant hear any noise or distorion).
> But since we need often only DAs the question is what other products are
> good ?? I would be interrested if someone has experience with other once.
> In studios we have an ADAT-Matrix so we can switch them directly to
> other HD-Recording or use as for monitoring digital pruduction some
> ADAT-Mixers like Yamaha O1V or O3D and so on. We also used some Creamware
> ADDA, but everytime you switch them on you have to change the sync
> source before turning on the amps, this leads sometimes lower volumed
> ears ;-))).
> But I idnt try other ones.
> mfg winfried.
> PS:We tried to get optical cables for cutting them ourselves but last
> time i didnt find any distributor (a year before I got them in electronic
> market). Has anybody out there an idea where to buy eg. 200m optical cable
> at good price ?

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