Pure Data

Claude Le Berre leberre at convergence.de
Tue Jul 25 00:15:19 CEST 2000

Gabriel Maldonado wrote:
> Claude Le Berre wrote:
> > point of view... anyway I believe in OpenSource,
> > and therefore I hope every objects programmed in the
> > future for PD should be released in GPL : Miller
> > should change the license in this way.
> Isn't PD GPL copyrighted now?
> --
> Gabriel Maldonado
> http://web.tiscalinet.it/G-Maldonado

Seems to be not so far from GPL,
but I would like particularly to see a notice about open source code,
that would make it really GPL.
It will be particularly important for objects,
since I would'nt find so cool to see people developping
not free objects like for MAX (MSP/Nato),
ok it is work, but it also also be life forms expansion.
For example, NN do surely a great work, but I don't see
the impact in a long term (pl!z korrekt m3 !f 50)...
(transfatal incorporated.)

opensource is a virus, the virus ov openness.


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