video input for Gem in linux

umläute zmoelnig at
Wed Aug 16 22:46:18 CEST 2000

hi all

a little bit off-topic, but who cares...

has anybody experienced video4linux with grafx-cards that has a videoIn
( no *real* capture-card)
i use an asus-v6600-deluxe that features SVideo/Composite-IN, but
couldn't get my capture devices to work
(bttv installs fine, but v4l-conf (and all other progs, including Gem)
cannot access the /dev/video device (the file exists, but it seems to be
no valid device)
the card works fine under Win32.

no, i don't want to buy a seperate capture-card, since i have a my v6600
AND a pinnacle/miro-DV500. this is enough video for a "sound komputer",
me thinketh.
by the way: does anybody know, whether i could hope to get my dv500
supported by linux in near future ?


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