Some basic questions

Nicolas Leveille knos at
Tue Sep 19 09:02:28 CEST 2000

Quoting Nick Alexander <namann at>:

> Hi
> I'm new to Pd (although I know a bit of Max/Msp) and I was hoping to get
> some basic info about Pd from this list.

I'm new to Pd (and don't know anything of Max/Msp)

> Is there any reference other than the CRCA sponsered documentation?  I
> can't
> figure out basic things like deleting objects and describing inlets.  I
> was

'ctrl-e' is the magic key together with 'delete'

what do you mean by describing inlets?

> hoping there was a doc out there somewhere that covers this stuff.  Is
> this
> list a forum for showing work as well as asking questions?  If not,
> where
> does anyone trade there patches?

I hope too

-Nicolas Léveillé (Knos)

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