smedge marius at teleweb.at
Tue Oct 31 09:04:37 CET 2000

hi list.
im really wondering, if others have the same buffering-times that i
have, or if there is a way to change things.
i work on win95, my cpu is a 400mhz. i use a event "gina" sound card
(2in, 8out), but have also testet awe 64gold and pci128 soundblaster. my
lowest buffertime (to run in, out, midi and 44.1 khz was about 200 msec
(with the pci128!). on all lower buffers windows is closing the audio
this weekend i watched msp on the mac, which was running on G3 350mhz,
which has a buffer of 256 samples (or even lower). 
is windows unable to have the same performance??? (which results do you
get with NT or linux?)
or is it the soundcard the problem.
tricks? or treat...

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