win95 midi trouble

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at
Sat Nov 4 23:39:38 CET 2000


under heavy (but reasonable) load of audio computation
in Pd 0.31 (Win95 box with Prodif+ audio and MusicQuest midi)
any burst of midi input data incoming in a short period of time
causes a total and nonreversable deafness of all midi objects.

This effect occurs even without any ``real'' midi events
-- it is simply sufficient to connect a device sending
active sensing stream.  But it is possible to play separate
notes with no harm, no matter how many notes as long as in
a slow tempo.

Is this a well known phenomenon or just my bad luck?

Any chance there is a way of performing a midi driver reset
other than restarting Pd?

Thank you,

  Krzysztof Czaja

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