benefit of Low Latency patched kernel

Michael Lechasseur mlecha at
Fri Nov 10 02:56:02 CET 2000

	I was able to patch the kernel once I had the proper instructions, thanks
to Karl.  I patched and it compiled fine.  What I would like to find is a
way to check if there is any benefit to running a low latency patched
kernel.  Although the topic of latency has come up now and again on the PD
list, I'm not sure how much of a benefit it offers to PD users.  I'm
guessing that it would be useful to people that are doing a lot of disk
reads and writes.

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> To: Karl MacMillan
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> For REDHAT there are all ready patch sources at:
> --PLu
> Karl MacMillan wrote:
> > patch -p 0 < /usr/src/lowlatency-2.2.16-A0

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