ticker and toddle: may i suggest a tiny modification (or two)?

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Sat Nov 11 19:10:13 CET 2000

Dear Guenter,

First of all thank you for answering to my midi question.

Thank you also for the excellent ggee externals!

As for ticker.c I wonder if you could not consider a ticker_draw()
invocation after setting x_on flag in a ticker_set() routine.
Now in order to see the difference I must emulate the `set' message
by turning off a spigot on ticker output first, then using a float
on input -- not a big deal, but anyway...

As for toddle.c my suggestion would be to use one color to draw
the toddle oval and another to draw a bang.  It is perfectly
possible one would need a panel with quite a lot of toddle-buttons
and would want to differentiate them with colors.

Unfortunately this second modification would corrupt all of the
Pd patches currently using toddles, since it would require having
two symbol arguments to toddles in .pd files instead of only one.
Therefore this needs a broad consent among the users or some witty
upgrading solution.

Nevertheless, just to demonstrate the idea, I am attaching a very
crude patchfile against toddle.c (as of ggee-0.16.tar.gz).  Note
that ovals can no longer be transparent (this could easly be done).

All the best,

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< #define DEFAULTCOLOR "black"
> #define DEFAULTCOLOR "grey"
> #define DEFAULTBANGCOLOR "black"
>      t_symbol* x_bang_color;
< 			x->x_obj.te_ypos + x->x_height -1,x->x_color->s_name,x);
> 			x->x_obj.te_ypos + x->x_height -1,
>             x->x_bang_color->s_name,x);
< %d %d %d %d -tags %xP\n",glist_getcanvas(glist),
> %d %d %d %d -fill %s -tags %xP\n",glist_getcanvas(glist),
< 		   x->x_obj.te_ypos + x->x_height -1,x);
> 		   x->x_obj.te_ypos + x->x_height -1,
> 		   x->x_color->s_name,x);
<     binbuf_addv(b, "ssiissii", gensym("#X"),gensym("obj"),
>     binbuf_addv(b, "ssiisssii", gensym("#X"),gensym("obj"),
< 		gensym("toddle"),x->x_color,x->x_width,x->x_height);
> 		gensym("toddle"),x->x_color,x->x_bang_color,
>         x->x_width,x->x_height);
< void toddle_color(t_toddle* x,t_symbol* col)
> void toddle_color(t_toddle* x,t_symbol* col,t_symbol* bcol)
>      x->x_bang_color = bcol;
>      toddle_drawme(x, x->x_glist, 1);
< static void *toddle_new(t_symbol* col,t_floatarg h,t_floatarg o)
> static void *toddle_new(t_symbol* col,t_symbol* bcol,t_floatarg h,t_floatarg o)
>     if (bcol != &s_)
> 	 x->x_bang_color = bcol;
>     else
> 	 x->x_bang_color = gensym(DEFAULTBANGCOLOR);
< 				sizeof(t_toddle),0, A_DEFSYM,A_DEFFLOAT,A_DEFFLOAT,0);
> 				sizeof(t_toddle),0, A_DEFSYM,A_DEFSYM,A_DEFFLOAT,A_DEFFLOAT,0);
<     	A_SYMBOL, 0);
>     	A_SYMBOL, A_SYMBOL, 0);

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