ticker and toddle: may i suggest a tiny modification (or two)?

Johannes M Zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Sun Nov 12 16:00:45 CET 2000

> As for toddle.c my suggestion would be to use one color to draw
> the toddle oval and another to draw a bang.  It is perfectly
> possible one would need a panel with quite a lot of toddle-buttons
> and would want to differentiate them with colors.
> Unfortunately this second modification would corrupt all of the
> Pd patches currently using toddles, since it would require having
> two symbol arguments to toddles in .pd files instead of only one.
> Therefore this needs a broad consent among the users or some witty
> upgrading solution.

why, why ?

since the normal background-colour would be only optional, it would be the
second symbol argument that defines the colour.
eg "toddle blue" would do a normal toddle that get's blue when banged and
"toddle blue red" would get a red toddle, getting blue when banged.

or check whether there are 1 or 2 symbol arguments:
"toddle blue" would do a normal...
"toddle blue red" would get a blue toddle, getting red when banged

no problem ?


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