ticker and toddle: may i suggest a tiny modification (or two)?

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Nov 15 19:35:47 CET 2000


OK, I have never coded Pd externals so I made a fool of myself by
only taking a brief look at toddle.c file and reasoning by example.
Simply was not aware of A_GIMME atomtype.

sorry, sorry,


> ja,ja
> 1. i really did not remember the correct invocation of the "toddler" (my
> fault of course)
> 2. but since you can check the type of atoms that are passed (e.g. check
> whether there are 2 symbols and 2 floats) you can always take [the one
> symbol to be "active colour"] vs [the first of 2 symbols to be background
> and the second to be foreground], regardless where the floats are passed.
> 3. this is what you might call "tricky" (of course it is not, but mykes
> the code a little bit more unreadable)
> mfg.asd.rw

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