PD symbols with funny characters

Andrew Archibald archibal at scylla.math.mcgill.ca
Mon Dec 4 21:03:59 CET 2000

On Mon, Dec 04, 2000 at 11:14:05AM -0800, Miller Puckette wrote:
> Yep, spaces are hard to get into symbols...  I'm thinking someday about
> allowing symbols within quotes like "this symbol has 4 spaces" but I think
> there are more urgent problems for me to face (like latency in Windows).

Yes, I understand.  Some more flexible string manipulationn tools
would be nice.  I would particularly like the ability to concatenate
"$1"-type variables with strings.  This, or more flexible scoping
rules, would make abstractions containing delay lines much easier ---
currently, they need an argument for every delay line they contain.
Arrays pose an even greater problem.

But I understand that PD is a sound processing tool first, and
reliable low latency is much more important for most people.


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