performance in pd - audiobuf, etc

Michael Lechasseur mlecha at
Mon Dec 11 20:19:51 CET 2000

	Perhaps you could dual boot to Linux?  I don't have any latency data for PD
on Win2000, but if you'd like to write a latency test patch, I could run it
on my system and send you the results?

	I've wanted to test this since applying the kernel low-latency patch, and
have never gotten around to it.

	I have an Athlon 600, 64MB Ram, Redhat 6.2, Kernel 2.2.16 with the
low-latency patch.

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> Subject: performance in pd - audiobuf, etc
> Hello, I'm new to PD, and have been using it sporadically for
> several weeks.
> It is extremely interesting, seems to do the things I can't do with my
> NordModular. My thanks to all who made it possible!
> I know you probably don't want to hear this question again, but I was
> wondering if there was a way to get real time audio processing
> performance
> out of PD. (windows 2000 pent III 500mHz, awe64, echo layla 20bit)
> I've tried adjusting all the command params, disabling devices, changing
> audiobuf, etc
> Is there anyway to knock the latency to hardware like levels on
> my system?
> Even if the answer is different hardware, OS, etc
> I'm considering a Mac purchase because cycling74 claims w/
> certain hardware
> a 6ms latency can be had.
> Is anything this low possible with PD?
> I'd much rather stay within windows.
> Sorry for the bother with this question
> I'd like to have this ultimate control over processing/creating
> that PD can
> give, but I also need hardware like latency In/Out
> I don't want to spend money on a Kyma, because it seems logical that a PC
> can do this sort of thing these days (what with the nifty fast chips and
> all)
> Thanks all who read this far, sorry for the dull question
> -daniel
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