performance in pd - audiobuf, etc

d d denglertdp at
Mon Dec 11 19:01:36 CET 2000

Hello, I'm new to PD, and have been using it sporadically for several weeks.
It is extremely interesting, seems to do the things I can't do with my 
NordModular. My thanks to all who made it possible!

I know you probably don't want to hear this question again, but I was 
wondering if there was a way to get real time audio processing performance 
out of PD. (windows 2000 pent III 500mHz, awe64, echo layla 20bit)

I've tried adjusting all the command params, disabling devices, changing 
audiobuf, etc

Is there anyway to knock the latency to hardware like levels on my system? 
Even if the answer is different hardware, OS, etc
I'm considering a Mac purchase because cycling74 claims w/ certain hardware 
a 6ms latency can be had.
Is anything this low possible with PD?
I'd much rather stay within windows.

Sorry for the bother with this question

I'd like to have this ultimate control over processing/creating that PD can 
give, but I also need hardware like latency In/Out
I don't want to spend money on a Kyma, because it seems logical that a PC 
can do this sort of thing these days (what with the nifty fast chips and 

Thanks all who read this far, sorry for the dull question
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