gem performance under linux

Marc Lavallée odradek at
Fri Dec 29 03:10:00 CET 2000

pix at a écrit :

> Has anyone found a way to get performable output from Gem under Linux?

I prefer control my openGL applications, written in C, with the FUDI
protocol, using the netsend and netreceive objects. Of course it makes
the project more difficult to program than with Gem, but it's much more

> Since most video-output solutions for Linux send the whole screen,
> the challenge is getting Gem to inhabit the whole screen (while 
> possibly allowing you to keep using pd)...

Using the SDL library, I can work on my application in a window, then
switch to fullscreen for the performance.

> Perhaps, if Gem could open up a window (fullscreen) on another display
> - which was on another computer, or perhaps another monitor on the 
> same computer?

That's one of the thing you can do with the FUDI protocol: control
an application on a separate computer.

Marc Lavallée

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